Complete Veterinary Hospital Process Training System with custom design & support

Providing a lasting impression

Don’t want the hassle of working out a workable training solution for your new employees?

Let Astute Veterinary Solutions create a dynamic custom new employee Veterinary Hospital Process Training System for you that offers every new hire a positive and memorable on-boarding experience regardless of if that employee is an experienced veterinary nurse, a trainee veterinary nurse or a pre trainee with no experience.

Astute Veterinary Solutions will tailor the new employee on-hospital training process according to your companies processes to involve getting new hires adjusted to the social and performance aspects of their new jobs quickly and smoothly. This process will guide your new hires through learning the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behaviours required to function effectively within your organisation and places the new employee through a pre-planned process of learning all your company’s processes associated with the new employees job description.

The customised veterinary hospital process training system will include separate customised training programs covering the different job descriptions for all areas of your hospital including kennel attendants through to surgical nursing and are related to the new hire’s schedule and job duties, training, development, and work environment.

Each training system also includes the responsibilities of the new employee’s mentor and the supervising managers and can be adjusted to suit the needs of every future new employee.

All processes can be designed to work online with the Animal nurse certificate levels or simplified for work experience candidates

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Give your team a faster way to learn and apply new skills