Save time and headspace; never run out again

There are significant gains to improving your inventory systems. Don’t struggle with it, team up with me to re-design your ordering system and master your stock control.

Inventory Re-engineering

A business is only effective as its systems.

Improve the systems, improve the business.

Bullet-proofing your re-ordering and stock control means that your business won’t falter over stock issues again. My expertise will enable you to spend less time worrying about correct point of sale pricing, over ordering & stock on hand so you can spend more time providing client and animal care.

Want inventory to be easier?

    Who is this service for?

    The inventory re-engineering package is for vets who want to stabilise their inventory overheads.

    A robust inventory system means your staff are clear on the process, and you are confident you’ll always have what you need.

    Benefits of commissioning an inventory system

    There are barriers to a practice building the optimum inventory system on their own:

    • Time
    • Cashflow
    • Don’t know how to set up categories or minimum & maximum levels
    • Don’t know how to order from a range of suppliers using the same product

    Don’t vets already have inventory management?

    Sure, you already have a system of some kind in place. But after working with countless vets, there are levels of improvement you could be using right now.

    Improved Inventory management leads to:

    • Easy virtual ordering & return of invoices
    • Optimal inventory levels verses the need for minimising stock holding and handling costs.
    • Improved cash flows
    • Easy categorisation assisting with tighter control on expensive items and facilitates reporting
    • Optimal available physical space for inventory
    • Improved processes identifying inventory requirements, targets & restocking techniques
    • Optimal reporting of actual and projected inventory status
    • Optimal in-branch inventory handling between rooms
    • Optimal reconciliation of invoices and balances.

    Why is it important?

    My expertise is not just from a management text book.

    I understand the people in vet clinics, and the nature of supplies and suppliers.

    Expiry dates, turn-around times, less-often used items, storage restrictions, delivery fees, cashflow, payment permissions, refrigeration, peak volumes. All this comes together to present a serious issue of stock levels for a veterinary practice.

    I’ll show you a system so far advanced from “when it looks low, call this number”.

    You won’t believe just how effective your new inventory system will be!

    A typical inventory consultation:

    1. Personalised client meetings
    2. Investigate and analyse
    3. Re-engineer and strategise stock system:
    • Stock categories
    • Stock levels
    • Perpetual inventory process
    • Establish best practice purchase and receivables system
    • Inventory maintenance process
    • Stock take process
    1. User skills and technology coaching
    2. Implement and monitor change
    3. Evaluation and measuring tools
    4. Package price options

    How long does it take?

    After the initial conversation, there are some tactics we can implement immediately. But typically it takes around 60 days to do the following

    • full consultation,
    • tailor a package
    • write training material
    • implement new system
    • train you and your team