Customised vet practice coaching is available!

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Vet Practice Coaching and Training

Coaching is essential for boosting performance.

Now you don’t have to do it all yourself!

While focusing on patient care, you can also be boosting your clinic’s effectiveness with a customised range of targeted in-house programs to get all your team on the same page.

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    The packages are outlined below. Don’t see exactly what you need? Let’s design one together.

    Veterinary hospital employment-based process training

    Good processes employed by in-house coaching involves assessing goal setting strategies, finding definite clear aims and learning to effectively reflect on the process to maintain good patterns.


    • Personalised client meetings
    • Identify training needs
    • Identify learning styles
    • Evaluating tools
    • Implementation plans
    • Training manuals, guides and documents
    • Carefully designed competency based training programs to suit employee knowledge levels
    • Manager and trainer training
    • New online training resources – click HERE to view

    Veterinary Practice Management Solutions & Coaching

    The beating heart of professional coaching is in finding, working towards and reaching the higher purpose your business is striving for.


    • Personalised client meetings
    • Management process strategies
    • Aligning software with management processes
    • Report design
    • Policy & Procedure packages
    • Workplace Health & Safety package
    • Job and shift description package
    • Recruitment, selection & induction package
    • Personalised training packages
    • Measuring tools
    • Monitoring change tools
    • New online resource centre – Click HERE to view

    Understanding Financial Performance vs Employee Performance

    Coaching benefits the life of the staff, enriches the life of the business and will inevitably yield a return you can count on.


    • Personalised client meetings
    • Services income graphs tracking
    • Employee income graphs tracking
    • Using software to produce reports
    • Income reports
    • Measuring tools
    • New online resource centre – Click HERE to view

    Inventory management and ordering systems

    See our inventory service. Let AVS help you get ordering under complete control and show you how to manage thereafter.


    Inventory Management Solutions & Coaching

    • Personalised client meetings
    • Analyse inventory outcomes
    • Stock categories
    • Stock levels
    • Perpetual inventory process
    • Establish best practice purchase and receivables system
    • Inventory maintenance process
    • Stock take process
    • User skills and technology coaching
    • Measuring tools

    Benefits of Coaching

    The heart of professional coaching and training is in finding, working towards and reaching the higher purpose your business is striving for, benefiting the life of the business and yielding a return you can count on.

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