Customised vet practice coaching is available!

And it works! Intentionally boost your clinic’s effectiveness with my range of targeted programs. I coach individuals; teams; practitioners; and management.

Vet Practice Coaching and Training

Coaching is essential for boosting performance.

Now you don’t have to do it all yourself!

While you focus on billable hours and patient care, I can be moving your team through a pre-approved program. Get all your team on the same page by training veterinary best practices. Coached teams are happier, last longer, and support their veterinarians significantly more.

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The packages are outlined below. Don’t see exactly what you need? Let’s design one together.

Veterinary hospital employment-based process training

  • Personalised client meetings
  • Investigate, analyse & re-engineer processes
    • Identify training needs
    • Identify learning styles
    • Job & shift description redesign
    • Recruitment redesign: selection & induction
    • Measure and evaluation design
  • Monitoring plans
  • Measuring & evaluating tools
  • Development & implementation plans
  • Establish training manuals and documentation
  • Carefully designed competency based training programs using accelerated learning
  • Manager and trainer training
  • Online training resources
  • Astute Veterinary Solutions advisory monthly package
  • Package price options

Veterinary Practice Management Solutions & Coaching

  • Personalised client meetings
  • Investigate & analyse management outcomes
  • Management process strategies
  • Design change management plans
  • Personalised management coaching
  • Personalised implementation & monitoring coaching
  • Investigate and analyse software
  • Re-engineer software for customised management processes
  • Customised report design
  • Policy & Procedure packages
  • Workplace Health & Safety package
  • Job and shift description package
  • Recruitment, selection & induction package
  • Personalised training packages
  • Evaluating and measuring tools
  • Online resource centre
  • Package price options

 Understanding Financial Performance vs Employee Performance

  • Personalised client meetings
  • User-specific designed services tracking graphs
  • User-specific employee income tracking graphs
  • Investigate and analyse software
  • Re-engineer software to produce reports
  • Strategic income reports
  • Customised report design
  • Implementation plans
  • Personalised coaching
  • Astute Veterinary Solutions graphing service with monthly reports
  • Evaluating and measuring tools
  • Online resource centre
  • Package price options

Inventory management and ordering systems

This coaching program is so helpful to clients we have given it its own page: See our inventory service. For expertise that targets the veterinary industry, AVS will help you get ordering under complete control.

AVS will help you get ordering under complete control.

Inventory Management Solutions & Coaching

  1. Personalised client meetings
  2. Investigate and analyse inventory outcomes
  3. Re-engineer and strategise stock system:
  • Stock categories
  • Stock levels
  • Perpetual inventory process
  • Establish best practice purchase and receivables system
  • Inventory maintenance process
  • Stock take process
  1. User skills and technology coaching
  2. Implement and monitor change
  3. Evaluation and measuring tools
  4. Package price options

Benefits of Coaching

The efficacy of personal, engaging coaching in producing tangible results is undeniable.

In every case, companies leading in the global market are also leading the charge in professional coaching from CEO’s to managers to the teams on the ground, and it shows.

Although some of the potency of dedicated coaching comes from the obvious, like up-skilling each employee to fill their role with more focus and efficiency, and the intangible ways like being more adept in making personal life decisions leading to a happier, more productive staff body; that simply lays a foundation.

The beating heart of professional coaching is in finding, working towards and reaching the higher purpose your business is striving for, and then doing it better than anyone else.

The point is this- every dollar you spend on coaching benefits the life of the staff, enriches the life of the business and will inevitably yield a return you can count on.

The process employed by professional coaching involves finding definite, clear aims; forming permanent change in problem solving; learning to effectively reflect on the process to maintain good patterns and genuinely assess the goal setting strategy.

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