Ensure your software is operating at 100%

There are significant gains in improving your veterinary software. Don’t struggle with it, team up with me as your personal design and implementation partner.

Software Implementation Partner

Vet management software all too hard? I get it.

Invest in an expert today.

Don’t spend months or years working at snail’s pace manipulating and changing your elected software features, only to feel as though you are halfway between two systems. Let an expert personalise it to suit your unique business processes now, with immediate responses. You won’t know how you survived without it!

Want simpler software?

    Who is this service for?

    My software implementation techniques are for practices running veterinary software.

    Together we can significantly improve:

    • efficiency of your software;
    • employees’ use of the software;
    • your ability to trust the dashboards
    • return from your software investment.

    The goal is for the software to work like power steering:

    effortlessly streamlining your operations. If your staff are resistant, or it feels hard to you at all, my re-engineering techniques can solve it.

    Can you imagine a system you trust and cannot do without?

    One that is faster to use and that employees are happier to use? That’s exactly what I’ll implement for you!

    A well planned practice management system is a process for assuring the achievement of your organisation’s objectives.

    Practice software is only a smart investment when used correctly.

    The thing that makes software expensive is under-utilising it!

    Let us home in on the functions that will save your practice the biggest headaches.

    • Customise your software to work the way that you need it to
    • Fully functional easy to use diary or clipboards
    • Custom reports that mean something
    • Consumable & point of sale systems you can rely on
    • Reminders that actually work & customisation
    • Human Relations portal at your fingertips

    Management software makes it easy.

    I’ll make setting up software even easier. I know vet practice software from the ground up. And I know how vet practices need to operate. I also know that each practice has established, unique ways of doing things. These are well thought out, and part of your points of difference in delighting your clients.

    No problem, I can maintain your methodology, and show you how to utilise your software far more effectively.

    A typical software bundle goes like this:

    1.   Personalised meetings to establish clients outcome
    2.   Investigate & analyse viability of outcome
    3.   Deliver sustainable solutions to client
    4.   Design effective change management plan
    5.   Software re-engineering
    6.   Re-engineer & strategise processes
    7.   Approve plan with client
    8.   Involve key employees
    9.   Implement and monitor change
    10.  Implement evaluation & measuring tools
    11.  Package price options

    How long does it take?

    After a quick conversation, some things we can set up on the same day. But typically it takes around 60 days to do the following

    • full consultation,
    • tailor a package
    • write training material
    • implement new system
    • train you and your team

    Want to know more?

    Feel free to send any questions through our online enquiry form.