Custom reports that mean something.

Easy-to-read, highlighting practical action steps you take action on. Straight to your inbox. Reporting makes it so easy to stay abreast of business essentials.

Veterinary Reporting Expert

Reporting is only effective if it is fast, complete, and actionable.

Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to your business.

If it takes too long to extract data, you won’t do it. If it is missing info, you won’t trust it. If it shows you nothing about a different future, you shouldn’t have bothered! Effective reporting is an essential tool for reducing stress and increasing profits. Like holding a stethoscope to your business heart, or taking its temperature. Reporting helps diagnose what’s unhealthy, and prescribe new ways forward.

Tell me what my business is saying!

    Who is this service for?

    My reporting techniques are for owners / directors / practice managers who are finding all the monitoring, evaluation and assessment all too much, or for those looking to grow their business.

    Together we can prescribe a new future:

    • financial performance
    • employee performance
    • services effectiveness
    • where are you spending money and time?

    The goal is for the reports to be easy snapshots that put you in the picture,

    keeping your finger on the pulse.

      • Direct to your inbox,
      • no fuss,
      • in a consistent layout

    so you can read them like charts: faster and more helpful each time.

    Reporting can be effective

    Don’t let it gnaw at you – “I should run those reports”.

    If you put them off it is probably because you know that they are not effective.

    AVS will whip them in to shape.

    Effective reports that are regular, succinct and actionable.

    I know what veterinary practices need to see. And I know how to compile that information into one easy place.

    A typical reporting bundle goes like this:

    Understanding Financial Performance vs Employee Performance
    • Personalised client meetings
    • Software Analysis
    • Software re-engineering for customised report design
    • Strategic income reports
    • Implementation plans
    • Personalised coaching
    • AVS graphing service with monthly reports
    • Evaluating and measuring tools
    • Online resource centre
    • Package price options

    How long does it take?

    After a quick conversation, some things we can set up on the same day. But typically it takes around 60 days to do the following

    • full consultation,
    • tailor a package
    • write training material
    • implement new system
    • train you and your team

    Benefits of Financial and Employee Performance Reporting

    Companies that emphasise quality also pay more attention to client and patient care, customer focused cycle times, employee skills, safety, training, turnover, empowerment, employee satisfaction and reap benefits of:
    • Improved employee skills
    • Improved management skills
    • Improved company income
    • Improved patterns to provide optimal client and patient care
    • Improved employee spirit or moral
    • Improved work structures and flow of operations
    • Improved time management skills
    • Optimal access to lesser performing services
    • Easy reporting to show how profitable your business is.
    The stronger your financial & employee management the greater the opportunity you have to maximise your profits in the short term and to grow your capital value in the long term.

    Want to know more?

    Feel free to send any questions through our online enquiry form.