VHPT: Induction & Orientation for Trainers Guide



Trainers play a significant role in the orientation & training process, recognising it has a significant impact on employee/ trainee engagement, productivity, and competency outcomes.

Induction Training is absolutely vital for new employee/trainee’s. Good induction training ensures new employee / trainee’s are settled in quickly and happily to a productive role.

When trainers link induction training with the Veterinary Hospital Process Training it covers the basics as well as skills training that seasoned employees all take for granted: what the shifts are; where the notice-board is; what’s the routine for holidays, sickness; where’s the tea room; what’s the dress code; where the toilets are.

Trainers also guide new employees along the learning path with understanding the organisation’s mission, goals, values and philosophy; personnel practices, health and safety rules, and of course the job they’re required to do, with clear methods, timescales and training expectations.


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